NYC SS19 Market

Hippie leaves the West Coast!  Traveled to NYC this market season for a few reasons, one to check out Capsule/Cabana and Coterie Show to see if I want to show there for SS20 until this point we haven't done any trade shows and sell in around 180 stores!  But I am feeling like maybe I should be a little pro active in sales instead of just sitting back and letting them come.  Second I'm considering adding some new brands if I can do so in a way not to confuse the customer that we sell Folk Fortune brand, vintage and other brands. I didn't take photos of everything (there was waaaay too much) and we also ran into knock offs of our slippers from a company I've emailed on multiple occasions so that was a little bit of a bummer.
Day 1 Garmentory trade and Soho shopping
I visited Garmentory trade where our slippers were being gifted to buyers and met with brands like Ajaie Alaie, The Stone, About Arianne, Sanja Link amongst others and chatted with designers and sales reps from Canada and the US. 
Then the visual display manager in me (my previous roll prior to founding Folk Fortune)  toured some lux contemporary stores in Soho including The Webster, Acne, MMM, Alexander Wang and we stopped by Folk Fortune stockist Madewell!
The Webster, Folk Fortune Bohemian Bride Rattan Roundie bag
Acne Studios
Stockist Madewell in Soho
Day 2 Capsule/Cabana Show Manhattan
Paloma Wool SS19
Slipper Copies
Boho Lux brand from London made in India, Juliet Dunn
Picking up a couple great brands that I didn't photograph so it will be a surprise!  An accessory line from Australia and a gauzy cotton line from Tulum.
Day 3 Coterie Show
Wow over 6000 booths this show is entirely overwhelming!  Thank gosh I'm not buying for a department store or I would be there all week!  I was happy to not see anything like our SS19 bags but I sure did see a LOT of ruffly dresses.  A LOT!!!
Up next Bergdofs on the park
More visual display ideas
Cafe with a view at Bergdofs
Day 4 Heavenly Bodies at The Met
Bye NYC see you next year